Welcome to the reBLEND pilot! We will take orders from the *Northwestern Community* 2/26-3/3 and fulfilling for pickup at the Glub during the week of 4/3 due to delays with Spring Break. Take a look around and fill out our survey that is linked at the bottom of the page.


How do I get my product?

During our product pilot, we will be fulfilling all orders at the Global Hub on Campus during the week of 4/26. We will notify you for the pickup times! 

All you have to do

Each pre-portioned smoothie cube pack is filled with all the right ingredients to make your delicious smoothie! 

All you have to do is POP the cubes out, DROP them into your blender, POUR your own liquid, and reBLEND!

What is this about real food?

We think there's a problem when 1/4 fruits and vegetables get wasted simply because an apple is deemed too small to meet cosmetic standards or a carrot curves up in the wrong direction.

We source only the freshest and most delicious ORGANIC produce, but have decided to reject these artificial standards of perfection and welcome all the real food so that you can feel good about each smoothie you purchase!