Daily Detox reBLEND Pop! 5 Pack

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A wellness shot in a frozen smoothie pop!

Because nobody is perfect and we all need a little bit of a daily detox...Unlike most great things, the Daily Detox is a painless (and delicious) way to return back to your 'best self.' This blend is crafted with enzyme-rich pineapple, green apple, spinach, mango alongside detox superstars like spirulina, baobab, chia seeds, and lemon!

Detox with reBLEND!



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  • Do you use preservatives in these?

    Nope, never! The only ingredient we add to our products so that they can be storeable outside your freezer (we get it, freezer space is precious these days!) for 8 months is by using some good ol' fashioned lemon juice and organic citric acid (the equivalent of a powder lemon juice for extra kick!) Nothing funky, that's our guarentee to you!