reBLEND 5-Pack Smoothie Shots

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  • DELICIOUS AND NUTRIENT-DENSE FROZEN SMOOTHIE POPS: Your smoothie Snack Hack! A quick, easy way to get a high-intensity nutrient boost in a fun, frozen smoothie pop! We distilled a smoothie (take out the water, juice and excess frozen fruit) so you can dial into the good stuff: frozen fruits + veggies + superfoods. Nothing else. Smoothie pouches ship ambient with 8 months to use or freeze!
  • TASTY SNACK FOR ALL AGES: Our delicious superfood smoothie pops are suitable for all ages! reBLENDs are made with frozen fruits, veggies + superfoods only for tasty immunity and well-being boosts anyone can enjoy.
  • HEALTHY FOOD ON-THE-GO: Our portable smoothie pouches allow you to refuel on-the-go with no prep or mess! We deliver high-impact, functional ingredients in a no-blender-needed smoothie pop. Perfect for a pre/post workout snack, your morning commute, a healthy treat to help beat the 3pm slump or anytime on the go! Just freeze then squeeze! Save time when you replace your post-workout recovery drink with a reBLEND pop!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & ZERO-WASTE SMOOTHIES: reBLEND is on a mission to craft smoothies with impact. That means we not only work tirelessly with nutritionists to craft functional blends, but we also are working to radically tackle food waste and promote sustainable living by reHARVESTING and rePURPOSING unnecessarily discarded produce. All of it is fresh, nutrient-dense and delicious.
  • ABOUT reBLEND: We are a female-founded business based in Denver, Colorado. We believe that food should make you feel good: about the impact it has on your body and the world around you. Try our smoothie pops today and let us know what you think! We love hearing from you!


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  • Can I add this to my protein smoothie? I am not clear. So i can consume it alone also?

    Thank you for reaching out! Yes AND Yes :) reBLENDs are ready to enjoy right out of the pouch, but can also be used to boost any of your smoothies. We love blending Very Berry Beautiful into chocolate smoothies and Tropical Bliss is a perfect twist to a vanilla or coconut smoothie. Really, there is no wrong answer on how to reBLEND (they also top yogurt and pancakes perfectly.)